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We do just one thing: provide high performance WordPress hosting for you.
Superior Class Wordpress Hosting. WP Class 7
Professional, high performance hosting for your blog, completely managed.
We serve your Wordpress faster or you stay in your current host, free and hassle-free
Ask us for a real demo: we clone your website and deliver a performance test, free.
We do the tech so you can focus on your content
We improve quotes: let us know what other offers you have, we are technology geeks and love to serve more with less resources.
Our hosting plan: Wordpress as a 747 flight
Ask us for a custom quote, start to serve faster.

Our goal: to serve your Wordpress blog better and faster than your current host.


We make everything we can to accelerate and optimize your Wordpress site, including serving it from our ultra-fast Linux servers.


Your site should work when you get a high traffic spike. We use several cache systems so your pages just get served instead of slow loading or throwing errors. And yes, you can edit a post and your users will immediately see the changes.


Full technical management: Optimization, Speed, Security and Monitoring. Your Wordpress site will be hosted from servers specially tailored for making Wordpress fly.


Test site: our hosting accounts include a test, cloned site of your blog, so you can do anything there without risking your live site.


Automated backups: we care about your backups so you don't have to. In case anything bad happens, we manage everything.


Image acceleration: Among all the optimizations, we've developed a system to faster serve your images.


Hassle-free migration: We manage all the details of the transfer. From any host, or migration from Blogger or Wordpress.com.

Ask us for a free demo and see how we can accelerate your Wordpress hosting.
Or directly get in touch with us.

WP CLASS 7 is a service from Descargas Digitales, S.L., a registered company at Madrid (SPAIN)
EU VAT # ESB84635747